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Space to stretch. Space to breathe. Beautifully designed and brilliantly connected.


Bloom has been designed to deliver a new natural habitat for forward-thinking London professionals. Modern, connected and sustainable. Our campus and the surrounding areas will play host to a community that benefits from all you could need and so much more. Work, wellbeing, learning and socialising all in one place. A workplace designed for people.

What is bloom

Trim trail length: 1km

Crossrail from central London

Bedfont Lakes Country Park: 72.5 hectares

Total amount of
green space/
greenery: 9 acres

EV fleet expected in Q4 2023

Total on-site
members: 26

The campus

Choose Bloom for the ideal business location. Central London, the Home Counties, and Heathrow are all close-by. A place that connects you to the world.

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Choosing Bloom gives your business a space that’s designed to put a smile on every face. And of course, what’s good for your people, is just as good for your business.

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Our culture

Bloom allows you to become part of a culture where connections are made.

Once you’re a part of the family, download our app and our on-site Lifestyle Manager will help put you in touch with everything happening on the campus.

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Bring your people here and watch them thrive. Bloom offers everything you need from a workplace and then some. Bloom has been designed to bring a smile to the face, to pull people together and to allow businesses and their staff to thrive both inside and outside of the office.